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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.4.0 released!

1. [VSP-572]: Pivot Table Horizontal Scroll Bar start position (see most recent data first)

You can now set where your Vizlib Pivot Table opens from. If your most recent data is on the right hand side, you can open this by default on the right hand side

2. [VSP-635]: Vizlib Pivot Export file name updates

The export file name now includes: Object Title - Export Timestamp - App Name 

3. [VSP-611]: Implemented user-adjustable/draggable width for left hand side dimensions

The left hand side columns are now drag-adjustable in analysis mode

1. [VSP-660]: Calculation Condition message displayed when only null/zero values in table

Calculation Condition message displayed when there was an empty table. This has now been updated to show "no data to display" when there is an empty table

2. [VSP-657]: Vizlib Pivot Table Export Numeric dimension

When formatted excel export was run, the Excel export file didnot turn those dimensions into numeric values

3. [VSP-599]: Tooltip displays wrong information after making several selections

After certain interaction, tooltips were displayed incorecctly

4. [VSP-617]: Excel export large Dimension Header when Dimension/Measure separator is too wide

Excel exports dimensions were too wide

5. [VSP-584]: setting large Dim Size(px) causes Pivot table to go blank upon refreshing

Setting caused some Pivots to be displayed out of display

6. [VSP-607]: Missing color on export when color is a string

When colors like "red" were in use, the colour was missing from the formatted export

7. [VSP-605]: Performance issue - Vizlib Pivot Table

An increased number of calls had caused a performance issue with the Vizlib Pivot Table

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