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Filter box border not displaying

I've got a 1pt border around all of my filter list boxes but, suddenly, only 3 sides are showing on some of them.  The filter version is 2.2.3.  They were working properly last week.

For example, as shown on the attached screenshot, on a narrow grid, 2 of the filters that are 5 cells wide stopped showing the left border, another one stopped showing the top border and another stopped showing the bottom one (red arrows).  If I widen or narrow the filter box, the border comes back but as soon as I put it back to 5 cells wide, it disappears again.  Other filter boxes are working normally (green arrow). 

Anyone have any ideas why this might have occurred?

  • Thanks for flagging it! I have followed up with a support ticket in order to get more details about your configuration. 

  • I have a little more info about it's behavior.  My screen resolution is set to 1680 x 1050 and is a rectangular, 22" monitor.

    I always use the dashboard with my screen maximized.  When I change the screen size to be smaller than maximized, the borders come back.  When viewed on my 15" laptop screen, the borders are displayed.  Lastly, the borders were there and working fine on my monitor up until last week.

    I am not the admin so I do not have the option to upgrade the versions.  I think we had a more recent version of all the extensions in about 2-3 weeks ago but there were issues so they backed the upgrade out and went with the version we had then (which, for filters, is the 2.2.3 version I'm using as mentioned above).

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