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Ability to draw an empty box around one or more objects

Add the ability to draw an empty box (or any standard set of shapes) around one or more objects.  Charts and graphs don't have an outline option that I've seen so it would be nice to be able to draw a "border" of sorts around them.  Similarly, if 2 or more charts go together, it would be nice to be able to visually group them.  Another use would be to create a placeholder for something the developer wishes to add later.

The shapes should be able to be filled with varying fill colors in varying transparencies and the borders should allow for different colors.

  • Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Is that a feature request for the KPI Designer, or would you envision this in other components too?



  • I guess I imagine it being another extension element (like pies or filters), but it's up to your designers.  I just know that I have one page with multiple charts and I'd like to be able to visually group them together and I have other charts that need to be able to have a border around them so they don't appear to run into other ones right next to it.

  • I think you could use a Grid container for this, but near as I can tell, those don't have an external grid option, only internal  grid. They also require a header line, I think, which can't be disabled. Barring those two things, they're probably the "right" way to group several objects into one "visual group".

  • The requirement of a header and the inability to put a border around the whole thing are in direct opposition of the intent behind the enhancement request.  Please consider adding this functionality.

  •  I don't work for Vizlib. I was merely suggesting that they could probably adapt the existing container object to your requirement (which I think makes a lot of sense and would probably use myself)  by adding a couple of new functionality options that are currently missing.

    It'd probably be easier for them to add these to the container than it would be to create an entirely new extension type, which in turn would hopefully mean faster implementation.

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