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Prevent screen scrolling when hovering over object

Prevent the whole screen/view from scrolling if the mouse is over an object.  Often, when I scroll through choices or try to roll the wheel to turn a pie chart, the whole screen moves rather that just the object.  This is frustrating and counter-productive.

  • Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Could you please let us know  what extension are you referring to? Also a screenshot of what would you like to accomplish?



  • I've seen this in Pivot Tables (1.7.1) and Pie Charts (1.5.1).  It's a little hard to capture in a screenshot but, as an example, if I'm hovering over the pivot table in the attachment and attempt to scroll down via the mouse wheel, with the mouse hovering over the table, rather than stop once it reaches the bottom of the list, the whole screen moves down.

    But, when hovering over a filter list and scrolling to the end of the list via the wheel, the screen does not move.

  • Thanks for your explanation Ruth, makes sense now!

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