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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.5.0 released!

1. [VSP-58]: Highlight rows & columns on hover

Rows & columns can now be highlighted in the Vizlib Pivot table (similar to the existing feature on the Vizlib Table)

Featured in the community!

2. [VSP-687]: New option to allow measure totals to inherit font color from measures 

Totals (per measure) can now inherit the color expression for the measure

1. [VSP-695]: Tooltip displayed in incorrect position in a mashup 

There was a bug with positioning tooltips in mashups

2. [VSP-693]: Clicking on search icon does not display filter + Error on console log

Internet explorer did not display the pop out filter/search dialog for dimensions

3. [VSP-689]: No data to display is shown when no = sign is used

New message shown at incorrect times

4. [VSP-688]: Excel export large Dimension Header missing word wrapping

Word wrapping was missing from the new formatted excel export

5. [VSP-646]: Calculation condition delay when condition used in the Object

Calculation condition took extra time to apply

6. [VSP-686]: Memory not released once the formatted export is complete

Memory was not being discarded after formatted export completed

7. [VSP-685]: Vizlib Pivot Table (native) export doesn't work with beyond a certain number of rows

Row limitations now resolved in the native pivot export

 Vizlib Pivot Table Documentation  

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