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Trellis Chart

Hi All,

Please add Trellis chart in VizLib extensions with 2 Dimensions and Multiple Measures. 

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  • Thanks for the feedback! 

    We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to add useful features or extensions. Would you minding giving more details about the type of Trellis chart that you are thinking about? Would you be able to share a screenshot with us, so that we can see how you envision this feature. 

  • Hi Kishore

    We have a trellis option on our roadmap. We'll let you know when this is in progress and of course, when it is available

  • Hi Team, 

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    Currently we are looking a dashboard which contains both values and Charts(especially Bar Chart).


  • Hi Piers,

    I can see that you have the Trellis option on your roadmap but I don't think it's available yet..

    I'm using the "trellis container" from the Qlik Visualization bundle but having problem as I'm using Measures Master Items (included variables) and this is not working as expected (it works if I unlink the very same master item). 

    I would be very happy to see an Trellis Vizlib extension ;-)

    Thanks a lot



  • Hi Kishore/Stephane

    Thanks for your post and I appreciate your input. As for the moment there is no immediate plans but could change if we get many requests.

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Oscar

    we would also be happy to have a Trellis chart from VizLib. The trellis chart from Qlik lacks vital setting features like harmonizing the x-axes between the charts, which makes comparing data in a bar chart difficult at best. Maybe you can talk to Ralf Becher, he already implemented a trellis chart version for us, where you can do things like harmonizing the axes.

    Best regards,


  • We would also like to see a VizLib Trellis, due to the Qlik Trellis limitations.

  • Hello,

    We are eagerly waiting for  this either in vizlib library / self service. Amy i know the timeline for this feature ?

  • Hi Raghav, 
    In self-service, you have trellis mode as part of the custom report.
    Additionally, you have Vizlib Tiles, which also have trellis-like capabilities, 
    you design a card with mini-charts and KPIs, and then you can split them by a selected dimension

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