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Pivot Table: Collapse to dimension / Expand to dimension

 In QlikView, pivot tables could be expanded to a specific dimension by right clicking that dimension and selecting "Expand all". Likewise, "Collapse all" could be used to collapse to a specific dimension. In Qlik Sense, this is unfortunately not an option - Expand All and Collapse All always operate on the entire table (so collapse is always to the first dimension and expand is always to the last dimension). Expand by hand, one cell at a time, is not a realistic option for larger pivot tables.

It would be very helpful if the QlikVIew functionality could be mimicked in Vizlib Pivot - allowing to easily expand or collapse to the desired level using a button or a right-click menu.

6 people like this idea
  • +1 this feature!  Would be really useful, and make the pivit much more user friendly!

  • +1 as well! Totally agree - I have several users requesting this. Would be great having this feature in the Vizlib Pivot table! 

  • +1 from me as well! That would be a very much appreciated feature

  • This is a mandatory feature to have a really usable pivot table. Please implement it, this is really  a problem currently in our dashboards to not have a way to expand or collapse a full visible dimension, by a simple right click action 

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