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Pivot Table: Collapse to dimension / Expand to dimension

 In QlikView, pivot tables could be expanded to a specific dimension by right clicking that dimension and selecting "Expand all". Likewise, "Collapse all" could be used to collapse to a specific dimension. In Qlik Sense, this is unfortunately not an option - Expand All and Collapse All always operate on the entire table (so collapse is always to the first dimension and expand is always to the last dimension). Expand by hand, one cell at a time, is not a realistic option for larger pivot tables.

It would be very helpful if the QlikVIew functionality could be mimicked in Vizlib Pivot - allowing to easily expand or collapse to the desired level using a button or a right-click menu.

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  • +1 this feature!  Would be really useful, and make the pivit much more user friendly!

  • +1 as well! Totally agree - I have several users requesting this. Would be great having this feature in the Vizlib Pivot table! 

  • +1 from me as well! That would be a very much appreciated feature

  • This is a mandatory feature to have a really usable pivot table. Please implement it, this is really  a problem currently in our dashboards to not have a way to expand or collapse a full visible dimension, by a simple right click action 

  • +1 here also

    must have feature not available in Qlik sense

  • Vizlib team : to implement or not ?

    please tell us what is your feeling...


  • Hi Patrice

    We have marked this as planned, which you can see at the top of the screen. This means that we aim to provide this, given that it is possible to implement without negatively impacting other features or products

  • Hi Piers, 

    any news on this fetaure request? Is this still planned and when yes, when will this be implemented? 

    This is a really crucial feature, where users asked for this very often. 

    Thanks in advance,



  •  I'd also love an update on this one. It's possibly our biggest obstacle in getting users on board with QV-to-QS conversion.

  • Hello, Any update on this feature? I was on my way to open a request but's it's already in. It's been here for 3 years. Any chance it's getting implemented? That will help a lot to convince QlikView user to go to Qlik Sense in my company.


  • Hi, I got the information today that this feature won't be in Vizlib roadmap. 

    We are in trouble for our QlikView migration to Qlik Sense.

    I'm very disappointed.


  • That is disappointing news indeed, though not particularly surprising given this has been sitting in the request pile for three years now.

     I wonder - would it be possible for them to instead leverage the Alternatives functionality to achieve something similar by adding right-click options for:

    * Remove all dimensions after this one

    * Add next dimension (from Alternatives)

    * Add next N dimensions (from Alternatives, where N is a either set by the developer or is the number of dimensions originally existing in the pivot's Dimension section)

    At the moment, we've instructed users to use Alternatives to somewhat mimic pivoting, which gets a lot of grumbles - it's not as simple as intuitive - but at least provides most of the same functionality. It seems like the same functionality could be further leveraged for QoL improvements on the user ends, should Vizlib wish to do so. 

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