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VizLib Table: Color entire row based on expression

Currently Row level expressions for color apply to all rows, it would be much more beneficial if this can be on a per row level. e.g., if I am tabulating performance, I would like to highlight entire rows based on a KPI - not the entire table.

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  •  This can already be achieved the long way, by setting colors conditionally for each column independently (see attached screenshot - sorry about using LightRed() ). Assuming you only have a few columns, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. This setting is under each individual column in the Data tab as "Cell background color". I recommend using a variable - once you update this variable the first time, you can change the formula or color from a single location without having to repeat the action for each column. 

    I certainly wouldn't complain if we had an option to do it conditionally for the entire row in one setting, but I wouldn't want it to be the default, as using conditional color expressions on a column-specific basic is quite important.

    (41.7 KB)
  • Hi Or, thank you for your input. And indeed, that is the point. There should be convenience method to do so, without reducing existing customizability. There should be a middle ground between one field at a time and the entire table completely.

  • This is currently a limitation of the Vizlib Table styling but Or's work around is a really good trick to manage your colors centrally through a variable. 

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