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Consistency between line chart and barchart

Hi Team,

There are several inconsistency between line chart and bar chart. I have provided them in below:

1. Legend:

when the legend position is in the bottom, the bar chart shows all legend items in one row (with a small arrow to scroll) while the line chart use several rows to fit all items

2. Order of objects

when the legend position is in the bottom and the scroll preview is enabled, in the line chart the legend is above the scroll while in the bar chart it is the other way.

3. Highlight the selection

In the bar chart, if you select a dimension in the chart, the other dimensions will be blurred. This behaviour will not happen if you hover on a dimension.

In the line chart, if you hover on a dimension, the other dimension will be blurred. This behaviour will not happen if you select a dimension.

I belive selection makes more sense than hover.

4. Alternate state in the container

If you add a barchart in the container and assign the alternate state to the container (not the barchart) you will see the bar chart also inherit the alternate state of the container. This will not happen for the line chart and it stays in the main state.

5. custome tooltip

The line chart does not support the custom tooltip

It will be great if you align vizlib extensions in the future updates.



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