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Remove "Type some text..." as default for KPI text object

When you use the text object of the KPI extension, if the field the text object is tied to is null, the text object defaults to a value of "Type some text...".  This may not be the desired outcome in all instances.  In my specific use case, if the field is null, I don't want anything to show.  As it is now, I must include addition If/Then logic to counteract this behavior.

At least let there be a toggle to show default text or not.  And the ability to customize the default text if it is shown.

  • Hi Bronson,
    Thanks for your feedback!

    The reason of that placeholder is to prevent having empty layers, since having a lot of layers on the same objects contributes to a worst performance and user experience.

    As q quick trick on that, you can add an empty expression with one space inside:

    =' '

    That should clear it out without having to add any more complex expression.

    I hope that helps,



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