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Vizlib Table total line color coding

If we set a different color for negative numbers (for example) in a pivot table, totals are impacted too.

However, in a table, totals are all in the same color.

Could it be possible to include this feature in a futur version?

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  • Under Data > yourMeasure, you can define a specific Font Color, which is also going to style the Total

    Fortunately we have a couple of handy features that work well together, how about doing this: 

    • deselect the "Apply Style in Totals Cell" checkbox under yourmeasure (please see screenshot)
    • and then enable "Global Override font color" under Appearance > Totals and then choose the color of your choice  (please see screenshot) 

  • Hi,

    Is it something introduced in the 3.5.0?

    See with version 3.4.3 the menu we don't have the check box "Apply style in Totals Cell".



  • Ok, after having check version 3.5.0, I understand the confusion, my request is to have this feature in the Table, you are talking about the Pivot.



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