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Ability to remove Measure Titles in Pivot Table


I have been in discussion with Pablo in Support and he suggested I submit a Feature Request.  In v2.1, by selecting "No" for Indent Row under the Pivot Table Settings, this removes the Measure titles (when Measures are on the left, Dimensions are on top/right).  This worked perfect for us because we had 3 different pivot tables that essentially looked like 1 table (Table 1 is a trailing 13 month trend, Table 2 is Yr over Year, Table 3 is YTD).  In newer versions of the pivot table, this feature has been changed.  There's the ability to remove the Dimension labels, the same ability should be available for Measure.  We use this feature in about 20-30 "tables" in an app our CEO depends on, so we cannot upgrade versions until this feature is in a newer version.  I appreciate your consideration in adding this feature back.  Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for your feedback, and it is now in the hands of our Product and Development to decide if we revisit this feature of the Vizlib Pivot Table, which has evolved since  the 2.1 version of the Vizlib Pivot Table. 

  • Hi Melanie

    This is currently achievable by using a blank entry for the label option e.g. using a space between quotes ' '

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