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Pivot Table Global Grouping


I've been in discussion with Pablo in Support and he suggested I submit a Feature Request.  In the standard QS pivot table, there's a Global Grouping feature and this allows when a Top N limitation is entered, the Global Grouping essentially takes the Top N of the Total instead of the Top N of each item in the Dimension.  In the attached example, I have used the same Dimensions and Measures to show the result of selecting/not selecting the Global Grouping option in the standard QS pivot table as well as the Vizlib pivot table (which is the same as not selecting the Global Grouping in the standard QS pivot table).  Thanks for your consideration of this feature.


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  • Thanks for your feedback! It is not currently on the road map, but it might be introduced at some point in the future. Watch this space!  

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  • This has been requested at a client as well.

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