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Mouse wheel enabled on horizontal scroll of Pivot Table

Currently, the mouse wheel only commands scrolling of the Vertical Bar, but it does not control scrolling of the Horizontal Bar. This feature is already present in VizLib Table where it is possible to scroll through the table horizontally by using mouse wheel. It would be nice to have the same feature implemented in Pivot Table.

  •  Quick note - in a regular (straight) table you can't scroll left and right using the scroll wheel's roll motion, but you can click and hold the middle button to scroll in any direction by moving the mouse ("Panning"). I assume this is the suggestion for Pivot Tables as well - currently click/hold on the middle mouse button doesn't do anything in pivots. Default behavior of the actual scroll wheel scrolling should not change in my opinion (always up/down), but adding a click/hold option to the pivot would be nice.

  • I believe that a majority of users need to have the default scrolling wheel with up/down by default. However, let's see what the community says about it.  Thanks for the feedback! 

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