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Vizlib Line Chart v3.1.0 released!

Release Date: 28/08/19

- [VSP-578]: Implement auto option for number of ticks in y-axis

Auto number of ticks prevents repeated or less relevant numbers appearing in the in y-axis

- [VSP-786]: Add HTML Custom Tool-tip to the Vizlib Line Chart

A powerful new HTML tool-tip lets you display any custom content in the Vizlib Line Chart tool-tip. 

Custom HTML tool-tips can be found in some of our other extensions like the Vizlib Pivot Table

- [VSP-813]: Certain tool-tips were missing from lines

A small number of customers experienced an issue with displaying the tool-tip on some dimension values in Vizlib Line Charts

Known Limitation:

Errors are produced inside the Qlik Sense desktop client, this will be fixed in the next release. A work around is to navigate to  http://localhost:4848/hub/

 Vizlib Line Chart Documentation  

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