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Advanced Analytics - Line Chart - Extractable/Visualised forecast numbers

It would be great if the calculated forecast could be convert to actual numbers. The numbers currently appear in the 'hover over' but there is not the ability to extract/visualise them.

Could you make the values available through variables or some other form in the data model. We'd like to use Writeback to store the forecasted values and run scenarios.

"I've figured out how to use the regression equation from a Scatter chart, and I figured the Line Chart must have a variable for the equation too, even if it isn't exposed. Vizlib's capability to apply multiple regression models is remarkable. If I can retrieve and apply the regression equation from a line chart, I might have some luck in using predictive analysis for our spending projections -- that's a huge win."

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  • Is this planned to be added to the Library?

  • This came up again this week. Added remarks to the initial post.

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