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Pivot table - more detailed cell border options / conditional styling

The pivot table currently only allows for cell grid to be on/off.  Ideally it would be good to control row border style individually.

For example: I can have rows with Level 1 in BOLD CAP, Level 2 in Bold mixed case, Level 3 in Normal, and Detail in Italic.  Instead of / in addition to conditionally coloring those rows it would be sleeker to provide border line styling for each of those levels as: very thick, thick, normal, and light dot.  This would reinforce the font styling while enhancing report readability.

If I had a multi-level column structure I'd probably want to have the very thick | thick | normal structure as per above -- or may want to use thick | normal | no border.

(relates back to support ticket #9344)

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  • +1.  This would give more readability to the pivot table

  • Hello,

    is it possible to implement the right border for a measure in the pivot table?

    It can be the same behave that the Vizlib table chart.

    For the moment the border is arount each cells. 






  • Hello, 

    any news for this request ?

    Is still in need for the client.



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