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Check extension versions on a QS site and cross QS sites

We run 12 instances of Qlik Sense for many reasons like geographical clusters (D/Q/P), IT managed or Business managed (self-service) and different platform classifications.

Vizlib released 21 extensions as part of the Vizlib library, it becomes quite complicated to ensure we keep all QS sites in sync with regards to extension versions.

This happens especially when a bug or desired new feature is identified and we need to roll back or update one extension at a time, for one QS site, starting with D, then Q, finally P.

Currently we need either to drag and drop the 21 extensions on a blank sheet and check the versions, or export them all from the QMC and check from the code, or go server side and check versions from code in the extensions folder: not very convenient.

It would be great to have one extension to check them all.

Also, it would help to have a solution to check which versions are actually used (through API calls by reading the QVF content), it would be of great help when planning for a platform upgrade.

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  •  I've got a hack for this that might help you to some extent.

    You can connect to each of your servers' repository and grab the extension list and associated files. By comparing the file sizes for each extensions, you should easily be able to tell if one server has a different version installed. It won't tell you which version is installed on which server - near as I can tell, Qlik doesn't store this in the repository - but it at least shows you where versions don't match.

  • Can't you use the QRS API endpoint - /qrs/extension/schema ?

  • Thanks for your feedback, we knew about that, but my point was not to involve an HTML5 developer for a week or 2 on the matter to create a custom solution most clients need.

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