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Vizlib Table v3.6.0 released!

Release Date: 03/09/19

- [VSP-719]: Vizlib Actions - Add option to evaluate actions for each row

Dynamic actions are added for the following options:

  • Selection in field (value field)

  • Activate sheet (sheet id field)

  • Create bookmark (title field)

  • Open URL (url field)

  • Set variable (value field)

The open URL action shown below take the value found on the row and can use this in the action

- [VSP-797]: Enabling merged cells applied hover styling to table

When merge cells was enabled, hover styling applied even when disabled

- [VZB-1921]: Formatted export styling & layout issues

Dates were exported to excel as numbers instead of dates. Vertical alignment and text wrap were not being applied correctly in the formatted export. RGB colours were not being applied

- [VSP-543]: Minichart in table auto axis scale is incorrect when a single value is selected

Minichart scale had set a flat "zero" value when a single value was present across multiple dimensions in the minichart (i.e. 5,5,5,5)

- [VSP-780]: Total values disappeared for indicator representation type

Total values were not showing for the "indicator" representation type for the table

- [VZB-1948]: Negative values appear with parenthesis instead of minus sign

Some customers had experienced an alternative negative format for numbers within the Vizlib Table - parenthesis () instead of minus -

- [VZB-1924]: VizlibTable is not working in the Qlik Desktop Client

Users received an extension error in the console about "strict mode"

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