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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.8.0 released!

Release Date: 04/09/19

- [VSP-814]: Introduce showing totals at the bottom/right 

Totals can now be shown in the Bottom or right position (depending on the configuration of your Vizlib Pivot Table)

Please note that this feature is disabled when indent rows is enabled

- [VZB-1967]: Memory Optimisation

The extension unloads unused files/resources when these are no longer required

- [VSP-796]: Pivot alignment changed after version 2.6.0 update

Some cell text alignment settings were not successfully being applied after updating to 2.6.0

- [VSP-736]: Formatted Export - Null Values appear black

Null values that had no colour option appeared as black

- [VSP-706]: Dimension Header missing word wrapping in formatted export output

The output file for Vizlib Formatted Export was missing word wrapping for all dimension headers

- [VSP-723], [VSP-802] : "Export Formatted Data to Excel" - Custom Format not Exported

Custom formatting was not being exported within the formatted export

- [VSP-787], [VSP-782] : Values not displayed following specific sequence of selections

Some measures did not display after specific sequences of selecting and deselecting dimension values

- [VSP-745]: Empty cells are visible in Pivot between selections

The Vizlib Pivot Table was showing empty content between making selections, appearing to unload & reload content for each selection

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