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Pivot table - possibillity to configure which dimensions and nodes are expanded on open app

 Now a pivot table is always fully collapsed or fully expanded. I like the possibility to configure what dimensions and nodes are expanded or collapsed when starting an app:

So for instance a starting position like this:


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  • Thanks for your feedback! Definitely a good option to have as sometimes you would like to have a custom configuration with specific dimensions being expanded. 

    Also you may want to explore other options to navigate through your pivot table, for example we do have the Vizlib Finance Report where you can select your dimensions through one single drop-down field, and then you can decide what dimension you want to drill down in the second and following dimensions. More information about the Vizlib Finance Package here. And you also have our Finance Report demo application available on our download page (alongside the extension), here

  • This would indeed be nice - it also ties into a previous enhancement request I made to allow pivoting to a specific dimension (either expand or collapse):

    Both of these are standard in QlikView, but unfortunately not part of Qlik Sense.

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