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Add "Last Updated" to this forum

It would be really helpful if a column could be added to these forums showing when a topic was last updated (including if a response was added, if it was liked (up-voted) or it's potential implementation status is changed, etc.)

I actually watch this forum like a hawk but it gets hard to know if anything was updated since the last time I looked (the default sorting of "Recent" isn't enough).

If would also be helpful if the topics could be sorted by the column headers.


  • Thanks for reaching out!

    In that case, I would recommend subscribing to our forum with the "Follow" button. 

    Please note that you have the ability to follow a forum or a specific post by clicking on the orange Follow button below (screenshot) 

    Once you subscribe to the post or to the forum, you will get a notification when the forum gets updated or when a new post is created. 

  • I suppose that could help but then I'd get hit with a bunch of emails versus just being able to go in and see all the recent updates at one time.  A Last Updated column would still be preferable.

  • Please note also that our support tool is provided by a third party provider, so we do not have any control over this type of feature as this is outside of the Vizlib Realm . And yes I agree, that would be a lot of emails, so maybe you could create an email rule in your email client? Or only subscribe to the topics that are important for you? 

  • Ok, that's an important piece of info.  :)  I'll work around it.

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