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Allow objects to be conditionally shown on side menu

Hi, as my data model is quite complex, fusing multiple data sources, I had sheets which bear no relevance to others in some cases. As I dynamically show/hide some sheets from end users, it would be amazing to either have a side menu per sheet or allow objects (filters etc) to be shown/hidden depending on the current sheet selected.


e.g. I may have 2 date dimensions, on ops one and a financial one. One of my sheets which is operational would show the ops date filter/cal and my finance sheet would show the financial objects.

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  • Isn't this how the side menu (and Vizlib Sheet Menu in general) already work? Each one only applies to the sheet it's placed in, so you can customize the side menu individually for each sheet. Perhaps I misunderstood your suggestion.

  • Fair point, but for clarity, I have it set as a master visualization and then dropped on each sheet.

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