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Allow for some filters to be hidden within the selections panel

I have some cases where I would like to hide certain filters from appearing in the selections panel. I use an extension to do this already but it would be good if VL could support this instead. e.g. When someone interacts with a filter or a default filter is applied, it could be conditionally showed/hidden in the selections panel.

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  • If we are talking about making filters visible conditionally based on the selections in another filter, that would be cool.  I don't know if this is what IMTIAZ is asking for but what I'm describing would be:

    1. Filter1 has the choices of A, B, C and D
    2. If the user selects A or C, then Filter2 would be displayed
    3. If the user hasn't selected A or C, then the space where Filter2 would be displayed is suppressed.  In other words, if A or C is selected, then Filter3 and Filter4 would be moved down to make room for Filter2.

    However, what I'm describing seems fairly complicated and might be out of scope for VizLib.

  • Hi Ruth,

    Not the same thing, but your suggestion does sound useful, I would definitely use that, but yeah, it's going to fairly complex.

    My request is a simpler, which yes, if I were to use separate sheet menu objects I could workaround, but that's a headache and to be able to just conditionally show/hide filters based on identifying which sheet I was on (or other conditions, not just sheets) with using a single master viz on each sheet would be great.

    e,g, Imagine you have a data view of survey data and another view which is transactional. I may want 2 sheets here to split that data out visually, e.g., a Transactional sheet and a Survey sheet. Whilst they relate in my data model, filters for surveys wouldn't make sense for my transactional view etc, so would want to only show survey specific filters - but from a single shared master viz and not a sheet menu object on each page which would be 99.9% identical to the others, but would be a maintenance nightmare.



    Could you do it via containers?  I only just started playing around with those recently and by using multiple tabs, you can use the same space on the same sheet for different info.  The choices of what you can put on them is limited but it could meet your needs.

    Just an idea.

  • You can also use actions for each sheet menu entries. You set a variable with a constant which identify the sheet.

    Then in your master item, you can use conditional layout for filters.

    This is what we plan to do but not yet tested.

  • It's not going to be performant and there are already major performance issues with the VL extensions.

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