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Pivot left cells width

We can define the with of the left cells in a pivot with this setting:


This is not too bad however this is the global width for all dimensions on the left. 

So, if we let users play with the alternative dims window and if they add new dimensions, it start quickly to become unreadable. 

See on my example here, we are setting measure W currently in the pivot settings, but it would be nice if we could set the measure X instead (no need to set it individually, the same width could be applied on each column).


  •  Good news - you can already do this, with some limitations.

    Each dimension has its own width setting, including alternatives.  Even better - once you've enabled this, that dimension can be manually resized, on the fly, by users. Note that the dimensions are still restricted to the amount of space that you've assigned to the dimensions as a whole (in your example - 20%), so increasing the size of one will take up the size of another. However, users can also resize the dimensions/measures split on the fly, so if they've added alternatives, they can just give the dimensions more space (and less space to the measures).

    What you can't do is set each dimension to a fixed length, e.g. 100 pixels, and then increase the size of the dimensions based on the number of dimensions the user has added or removed. The measures/dimensions split is fixed unless the user manually adjusts it (and I would want it to stay that way - otherwise, the measures could be driven right off the page if dimensions were added).

  •  My understanding of this feature request is that the dimensions' width would expand as soon as the user adds a new dimension without having to do it manually. The idea would be to set a specific dimension width which would be added to the total dimensions' width as soon as the user adds a new dimension. This is not currently possible, but thanks for your feedback! 

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