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Sankey Chart - Node capability to end at different levels and adding 2nd value on on nodes (+- variation)

Features Request:


1. We have a few business cases whereby we need the sankey chart to be  able to stop at different levels of nodes rather than them being stretched out to the same end node. Our main use case is the capability to show how the revenue generated splits out into varying costs and how eventually we get our EBITA number (I have attached an image of what kind of variation of the sankey chart would be able to deliver this requirement - Numbers are dummy).


2. In addition, in the current version of the sankey, we are able to add a value to the nodes but it would be useful if a 2nd dimension could be added to show % variation vs previous year for e.g. which will make the object more insightful to the users (again, an example is shown in the image attached)

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  • This visualisation is a very informative way to show a "fancy journey" or a "walk" from Revenues through to Earnings/Profit.  The current Sankey Chart is limited - adding these features will allow the visual to have more impact.

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