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Vizlib Line Chart v3.1.2 released!

Release Date: 16/09/19

- [VSP-743]: forecasting line number formatting issues

Forecasting line does not keep percentage format on the displayed value

- [VSP-820]: Data points are not getting cleared after hovering

In some scenarios the data points were highlighted but not cleared right after 'mouse leave'.

- [VSP-614]: Datapoints not connected when the measure has constant value

When the linechart had a constant value (ie: expression =1), the datapoints were properly connected.

- [VZB-2144]: no wizard after deleting a measures and dimensions.

Vizlib Wizard was not showing up after deleting dimensions and measures.

- [VZB-2143, VZB-1905]: minor IE11 bug fixes

Minor bug fixes that were causing console errors on IE11

- [VZB-2016]: Dimension labels overlaps chart area when position is not populated

Prevented dimension labels from x-axis to overlap the chart when position is angled or empty.

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