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P&L conditional visibility for measures


Everything is in the title, please empower the P&L with onditional visibility for measures 

Finance users appreciate having plenty of columns displayed,

Thanks !

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  • Thank you for your input.

    This is something we are looking at. From your perspective would you like to see conditional visibility (hide/show) of measures or a conditional on/off? (The difference being that the first one would still be calculated and could be referenced from other columns while the other one would only be calculated when the on/off condition is on.)

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  • Hi,

    Initially the 2nd one (no calculation) regarding performance.

    However 1st one is also interesting as it will allow nice possibilities.

    So finally both, but the 2nd first ;)

  • Following this as its come up at a client as a requirement (Show/Hide).  Calc condition is less of a concern as model is pretty performant but would be great to have for them.

  • vital for finance people

  • Hello, 

    I confirm, this is a vital requirement for our Finance department which does not want to migrate to QlikSense without this functionality.

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