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Vizlib Calendar - Add option to set Month view as default

Can we ask to extend the functionality from Vizlib Calendar object front end toggle switch to the properties panel of the calendar object so that we can default it to Month. For Example : Current state - every time  user has to toggle in order to change it to monthly view.  Expected results - WE have a default state selection available in Vizlib Calendar properties panel to avoid this when the data is always at the Month-Year level and do not need date selection

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  • I know this doesn't directly answer your issue but, until or unless they offer a functional option, what we originally had was a regular filter that showed the months/years.  It was easy and to the point.  We, ultimately, had to switch to standard calendar because users wanted to be able to fine tune their choice to the day.

  • Hi Hema,

    We've added this to our roadmap now, great idea!

  • Thanks Piers, Can you add the option to show QTD as well...

  • Hi Hema!

    I'm glad to let you know that we just released a new version of the Vizlib Calendar v1.6.0 that includes your feedback from this ticket.

    Please find the release changelog below

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