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Vizlib Bar Chart v2.2.0 released!

Release Date: 26/09/19

- [VSP-825]: Stacked Barchart show all values in tooltip

When hovering over a stacked bar, now all values can be shown in the tooltip

- [VSP-682]: Stacked Bar Chart - Label Totals

In stacked bar charts, totals are now displayed outside of each stack (individual values continue to be displayed inside)

- [VSP-587]: Vizlib Bar Chart implement time/duration formatting for y-axis values

Date & Time are now options for measure values

- [VSP-826]: Bar turns black when gradient is enabled and one value is selected

Gradient colors appeared as black when a single value was selected

- [VSP-601]: Y Axis Min Custom formula on the Vizlib Bar Chart breaks/reverses the y-axis

Certain custom formulas on the Y axis reversed the order

- [VSP-90]: Allow master item label as measure title (instead of expression as title)

Master Measure labels were showing the expression instead of label

- [VZB-2194]: Double width bar of a measure at the first value of a dimension in bar chart

Occasionally, the first bar showed wider than the other bars

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