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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.4.2 released!

Release Date: 02/10/19

- [VZB-2150]: Adding localization to number formatting

We are now Inheriting the right localized decimal and thousand separator as defined in Load Script.

- [VZB-2197]: Corrected minor issues on a date or duration axis

Console errors after selecting a "Date" or "Duration" values from dropdown in "Axis Tick Format".

- [VSP-772]: No inheritance of calculated label from master items

Now master item labels are used.

- [VZB-2086]: Improved accuracy minicharts

In some cases the minichart was not reflecting the same data as in the main chart.

- [VZB-2226]: Bars not always stacking

When adding a line with bar stacks and assign the line to the secondary axis, the bars were incorrectly changing as a group.

- [VSP-581]: Corrected axis number formatting

In some cases the axis formatting delimiter was rendering the whole axis values blank

- [VZB-2225]: Axis Label overlaps with y ticks

In some cases the axis labels were overlapping the axis ticks.

- [VZB-2227]: Corrected issues with overlapping bars

In some combinations of measures, the overlapping bars were not working and groups were used instead.

- [VZB-2090]: Browser sometimes slows down when Vizlib Combo Chart is initialised

Improved the memory and events management of the vizlib combo chart.

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