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Table Minicharts sensibility to selection

Unless I've missed something, I would like to have an ability to make a minichart insensible to one or more current selections.

For example, I have built a table with a sparkline showing the historical evolution of my KPI.

However, if I select a single date, to see the data point of view for this date, my expectation is to be able to keep the full historic evolution and not a straight line.

I don't know how you are building this behind the scene so this is maybe tricky but it would be nice to have.


  • Thanks for your feedback Vincent. You would have to use Set Analysis for this behavior to work with the Minichart in the Vizlib Table extension. Incidentally this is something that we are currently looking into as other customers have raised a similar requirement. If  we have an update on this, we will update this thread. Watch this space ;-) 

  • Thanks Pablo, yes exactly I'm using an expression insensible to the date using a set analysis that's why I was a bit surprised.

    Good to know that this is already known and logged.

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