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Vizlib Table v3.6.2 released!

Release Date: 08/10/19

- [VSP-865]: Show Total not working when using Progress Representation

Totals were disabled when progress representation was in use

- [VSP-715]: Dragging outside of the table area triggers an error message

Qlik Sense showed an error message when items were dragged outside of the object area

- [VSP-627]: Table snapshot shows current selection instead of snapshot/bookmarked selection in story

Snapshots showed current selection instead of a "snapshot" of selections


- [VSP-922]: Rows missing in "Export Formatted Data to Excel"

Some rows were missing in the export

- [VSP-718]: Set analysis was not working with minicharts (previously not supported)

Set analysis is now support (only one set) for use in minicharts

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