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Navigation to/from and Info page using VizLib Sheet Menu

One of our layout standards is to have an "Info" icon in the top menu bar that takes us to an info sheet, from which we should be able to navigate straight back to the page we were on.  In QlikView, this was easily achieved by use of the GetActiveSheetID() function creating a variable to hold the sheet ID before you navigated away from it, so you have a point to which you could return.

In Qlik Sense, frustratingly, this function does not work and therefore, to be able to achieve the same result, we are unable to save the Sheet Menu object as a master item, and have a different version of it on each sheet.  This is both frustrating to maintain, and has an impact on performance when navigating around. 

Looking at some of the information around, I have found navigation APIs (specifically this one: qlik.navigation.getCurrentSheetId) which appear to do a similar thing to the QlikView function and was wondering whether this could be utilised as a new feature, to be able to go to, and return from another page easily.

Many thanks,


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  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks for sharing a feature suggestion with us

    I love the idea! We'll check in with feasibility and get back to you on this one

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