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Virtual Scrolling/Show Page Number Options in Vizlib extensions

Currently if we have 1 million rows on the report, Report page will display around 50 to 100 rows on the page and User need to scroll down to see the next rows. And every time we scroll down ,page will take to refresh and get new data. Is there any option to show the Page number options to avoid scrolling ?

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  • I do believe the addition of pagination would help 

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  • Hi both,

    This sounds interesting - can you share more information on your use case and what you feel is missing for the current implementation?

    You feedback is important to use and any further examples will help is when considering this feature

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  • Hi Piers,

    Please find my scenario below:

    Scenario Example :

    I have report which has 300K rows .Currently using  Vizlib Table or Pivot table will display the certain Number of rows on the screen(i.e like First 50 or 100 rows).And if user want to see more rows then he need to use vertical scroll bar on left  to scroll down so that next set of rows will be displayed.What I have observed is while scrolling down the page ,Report page is refreshing to bring the next set of Rows.Is there any option to show the Page number options to avoid scrolling ?



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  • Hi Srini,

    Please could you describe the benefit that manual pagination has over scrolling?

    I understand what you want to do, I am trying to grasp what new value this brings to you and other customers

  • Hi Piers,

    Currently we are seeing page is refreshing when we scroll down the report which is quite annoying for users.With pagination it will give better picture of how many rows are present in the report and avoid Page refresh while navigating between pages.



  • For Vizlib Table, you can already scroll down a full page by clicking the scroll bar once, either above or below the slider to go up or down respectively. Near as I can tell, the same behavior isn't available in Pivot Table. I don't personally have the need for old-school "Next page" button if the scroll bar can go up or down, but I would love for PageUp / PageDown to be available with the same action as the scrollbar version in Table, and extending this to the Pivot Table extension would be nice to have.

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