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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.8.2 released!

Release Date: 10/10/19

- [VSP-886]: Add ability Hide header row 

The header row can now be hidden by setting the header cell height to 1 pixel

- [VSP-812]: "calculation Condition is not fulfilled" error message when Vizlib Filter Default value is used in the same sheet

"calculation Condition is not fulfilled" was shown when the Vizlib Filter loads whilst a default selection is being made. 

If you face this issue you must update the Vizlib Filter to 2.3.2 or higher.

- [VSP-924]: Converting Table to Pivot results in indicator parameters being empty

Conversion of the table to a pivot did not retain the colors or settings for all indicators

- [VSP-735]: Numbers in strings are exported as value instead of text 

In the formatted export, strings were exported as numbers instead of text

- [VSP-710]: In Qlik Sense desktop, drop-down selection stays on screen after selection complete

Qlik Sense desktop did not hide drop-down window after a selection was made

- [VSP-863]: Not displaying correct snapshot under Stories

Snapshots were showing current selections instead of the selections that were part of the snapshot

- [VSP-931]: Pivot Table can be exported although user has no export privilege

The formatted export could be triggered when the pivot export button was showing, regardless of Qlik Sense security rules

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