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Extra Column headers on top of Report column headers.

Extra Column headers on top of Report column headers as shown in screenshot below:


Extra Column Header 4

Extra Header Column 5


Extra Column Header 1

Extra Column Header 2


Extra Column Header 3

Dimension Header

Column Header 1

Column Header 2

Column Header 3

Column Header 4

Column Header 5

Column Header 6

Column Header 7

Column Header 8

Column Header 9

Column Header 10

Data Row 1











Data Row 2











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  • Love that idea!

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  • Implementation of Double headers in Vizlib will be an added advantage in report building.

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  • Hi Srinvasulu,

    Thanks for your feedback. What extension is this for?

    This is already possible in the Vizlib Pivot Table

    Image result for vizlib pivot table

  • I also like the idea. I dont think you can creat custom header with pivot table.

    There is also an extesnion developed by scubbed where you can create custom header on the top of the table header.

    It would be cool of vizlib table add this feature-.

    (160 KB)

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  • +1. Would add more readability to pivot tables in some cases

  •  We would also find this helpful here for Vizlib Pivot Table. It is not currently available, near as I can tell - you can create stacks of headers but only by using dimensions to split this, which in turn duplicates the measures for each dimension.

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