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Vizlib Line Chart - X-Axis settings: Must allow more "Axis Ticks" and please implement a auto setting.


As of now, max number of x-axis ticks seems to be 40. Which means that I can't display a trend over 52 weeks..


And also, please insert a "auto mode" for the number of ticks. Or at least give us the possibility type in a function.

I now flag weeks in the script to display just even/odd weeks in an NPrinting app since I can't control this in the settings.

As of now, this keeps me from replacing the standard line chart in general.


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  • Thanks for your feedback Robert! This will be raised with the Product team, and we hope to be able to make improvements such as this one on future evolutions of the Vlizb Line Chart. 

  • Thanks Robert, we will see what we can do here

  • You can mark this as implemented

  • Mhh can you please say how and where ? I cannot find any option to set the ticks on the X-Axis in the Vizlib combo chart ?

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