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Align legends look & feel across all Vizlib axis-charts


When it comes to legends, we really have a hard time making VizLib objects look & feel the same way in order to make a smooth user experience. Objects in question are VizLib bar chart, combo chart and line chart. Each of these objects treats legends differently making it look really odd (see image below from an iPad, but similar issues on a laptop as well):

•The line chart has 3 lines for legend

•The combo chart has one, with arrows to scroll to the left and to the right

•The bar chart has one, but no arrows appear to scroll to the left and to the right


This is not a bug, but it makes it really difficult to explain to our customers why we can’t deliver a standard way of showing legends. 

Thank you, Ioannis

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  • Hi Ioannis

    I wanted to let you know that we are working on new components for our axis-based charts and we will have consistency for the customisation of the axis & legend, this covers layout and styling. This is in progress and we will roll the out over time.

    This will first be seen in an upcoming extension, Vizlib Waterfall

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  • Hi Ioannis, with the waterfall being released, I'll mark this as implemented. We'll be working on a new and improved bar chart and line chart in the near future which will share the same look and feel, as well as awesome features for their shared components

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