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Stretch Pivot Table on Size to data vs. Fill mode

The straight table object has a nice feature which Stretch Table where you can choose between Size to data or Fill. 

Fill occupied always the available space horizontally, however Size to data is able to let a blank space on the left of the table.

We are using this on tables with conditional columns for example, and this is quite nice.

But, this feature is not present on pivot table and sometimes this is producing hard to read result.

For example, if you have a full wide pivot table with 50 columns (about 40 pixels per column), and then you select a subset of 2 of them, you end up with something ugly (about 1000 pixels per column).

Could it be possible to implement the same  Stretch Table feature in the pivot too?



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  •  We have many styling options in the Vizlib Pivot Table, but this one is not available yet. Thanks for your feedback! 

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  • Hello,

    is this option available now ? 
    Thank you

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