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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.8.3 released!

Release Date: 21/10/19

- [VSP-974]: Duplicated Zero when using Formatted as Number

An additional 0 digit was displayed in the formatted export when values were exported as a number

- [VSP-958]: Indent not kept in Story mode 

Indentation was missing when the Vizlib Pivot Table was used within story mode

- [VSP-951]: Pivot Table doesn't show 'Other' label

The Vizlib Pivot Table was missing the Other label when data limits were applied

- [VSP-942]: In analysis mode no longer access to wizard once there is no dimension

The removal of all dimensions from the wizard selector removed the ability to open the wizard in future

- [VSP-937]: Pivot Totals label displayed when totals are not enabled

Totals label text displayed even when not enabled

- [VSP-608]: Measures and dimensions do not refresh simultaneously when scrolling

Vertical scrolling was not smooth enough, making it appear that measures and dimensions were scrolling at different times

- [VSP-905]: Pivot Table exports blank object to story

The Vizlib Pivot Table exported blank objects in story mode

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