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Custom drilldown Feature or navigation feature for the Table and Pivot Table

We are trying to enable the Drilldown or navigation from Vizlib table or Pivot table to other App in Qlik sense. Please let us know if we can achieve below scenario using vizlib table.

Scenario : User should be able to click on the measure column on Vizlib table or Pivot table and it should navigate to the Other App in Qlik sense by passing the selected filer values and  Dimension values (which are not part of Filters) of the selected row present on the Vizlib table or Pivot table. 

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  • Hi Srinivasulu

    Navigation from clicking within a cell is possible, this can be done using Vizlib Actions and passing the selections into the URL of the app, using a Qlik expression

    Does this meet the requirement you have?

  • Hi Piers,

    I want to know if there is way to pass the row level values(which are not present in the filters)  on which user is clicking the value to drill down.



  • Hi Srinivasulu 

    Actions are now available for row level values, from version 3.6.0. of the Vizlib table or higher 

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