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Selection mode in objects [apply selection immediately when press on value / apply selection after pressing 'apply']


all Qlik objects and almost all Vizlib objects have next selection mode as default: apply selection for all app immediately when pressing on value (and don't wait for pressing green Apply button). Active objects reload data every time we select a value. It is a great Qlik feature, which gives us more flexibility and better visualization. But sometimes, in case we need to select more than one value, we need it to work differently.

 - issue 1. Poor performance: We need to wait for active objects reloading for each single value selection. In case of a difficult calculation or a huge amount of data it could take more time than we want to;

 - issue 2. Container Object Active Condition: In case 'Active Condition' is equal to getselectedcount([field])>0 object become active after every single field selection. If field selection is made in another Container object (BarChart, for example), we loose possibility to select more than one value.

 - existing solution. Calendar: One Vizlib object has already had a solution. 'Interactivity.Allow Quick-Select' Calendar option lets the developer choose a selection mode. By default it is Off - to select all the values firstly, selections will take effect after pressing the Apply button.

 - proposal: 

To add 'Interactivity.Allow Quick-Selectoption to all other Vizlib objects (one by one, starting from BarChart); 

To predefine it as On - to implement selection for all active object for each selection before pressing Apply (this is how it works now);

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  • Thanks for your insights and I will be sharing your comments internally...which may inspire changes in future evolutions of our Vizlib objects!

  • Hi Roman, thanks for the feedback. Many of my client back when I was working with QlikView, requested this to be implemented for reason 1 - this is more challenging in Qlik Sense for users to do

    The feedback is appreciated and we will consider where we could add this method across other extensions

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