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Vizlib KPI Designer v1.8.0 released!

Release Date: 25/11/19

- [VSP-490]: Add multi-line auto-fit text option for text layers in the Vizlib KPI

A new option has been added called "Fit to Layer", for auto fit text. This is a new multi line auto-fit option for text

- [VSP-1101]: Invalid Parameters error with KPI extension

Occasionally an invalid parameters popup would appear when configuring the Vizlib KPI

- [VZB-2428]: When you extend the sheet the tooltip is moving down with it.

Tooltips were not sticking to their correct layer when scrolling

Known Limitation: Tooltips are not displayed when viewed on mobile devices

- [VZB-2308]: File in Vizlib KPI forces use of default proxy

Corrected issue with default and virtual proxy that was prompting a login/auth dialog in some scenarios

- [VSP-838]: Broken images after exporting App then importing to different Qlik Sense environment

Image links did not update to new environment when apps moved environments

- [VSP-1106]: Invalid or blank KPI in Story mode 

KPIs were not working correctly when used in story mode

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