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Vizlib Custom Report v3.2.0 released!

Release Date: 27/11/19

- [CL-805]: Context menu Vizlib Pivot Table fully expanded and indented

The Vizlib Pivot Table view now has a new context menu setting letting end-users modify more settings without leaving analysis mode.

- [CL-803]: Context menu "export to app" from Vizlib Objects; [CL-753]: Export to separate object;   [CL-1142]: Create object from inside Custom Report on a new sheet 

New options have been added to the Vizlib Custom Report's context menu export. Users can now export objects to a new sheet or into a new app, so that you can continue where you left off within the Custom Report, and share it with others. 

From the right-click menu Export choose "Export object to new sheet". This will create a new object and allow the user to edit it. (Access and correct Qlik Sense license required.)  [CL-1142] 

- [VSP-1075]: qlik.getExtensionList(callback) is deprecated from Qlik Sense June 2019

An alternative method has been used in place of a deprecated API

- [VSP-901]: digest$ errors in console while adding custom reports to master item

Errors appear in the browser console 

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