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Sheet Menu closable side menu - more hide options

1. When a user is clicking an item on the side menu we want it to be closed autoatically without the need of pressing the side menu icon again .

2. Is there a possability to make an even on leaving the seet at the side menu? as an example- if I leave sheet 1 I want a field to be cleared.

Thank You

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  • Instead of having the side menu automatically closed after a selection, which can be annoying if the user wants to select multiple values, I would rather have an option to close the menu when the mouse is no more hovering it.

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  • Hi Doron & Vincent

    Thanks for your feedback! This is the sort of feedback that is really helpful, having a few different options for how/when the side menu closes seems best. We will consider these for future development, great ideas!

  • I have had a lot of feedback from users asking for the side menu to be closed in this way - when the mouse is no longer hovering is a great. 

    I have had requests to stop using this feature because of it, so this would be great to implement.

  •  Do you have any idea of when these features will be implemented? We have a lot of comments that the side menu is not automatically closed.

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