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Customizable chart y-axis labels

Proposal: that graphs (i.e. bar, line or combo charts) have an option to choose whether an Axis' label is calculated by (a) the current method i.e. concatenate the individual Measure Labels; or (b) a customisable expression.  The intent is to enhance the user experience when there are multiple Measures on a vertical Axis.

Vizlib graphs already allow the labels of a graph's Measure's to be customised, and these labels will then appear on the chart's Axis or Axies.  In particular, when a chart has multiple Measures on the same axis, then its behaviour is to concatenate the Measure Labels (i.e. AxisLabel =  CONCAT(MeasureLabel, ',' ), if you like).  e.g. my graph might have measures I've labelled 'All Widgets' and 'Defective Widgets', resulting in a vertical axis label 'All Widgets, Defective Widgets'.  It'd be much easier for the user to quickly size-up the graph if I could simply make the axis label to be 'Widgets'.

It becomes unreadable with the additional standard behaviour of abbreviating each Measure Label with ellipses when the axis isn't long enough to fit the full Measure Labels.  So, with my two measures above it's not too bad when the chart is small (e.g. 'All Widg..., Defective W...').  But add a third Measure 'Valid Widgets', and it becomes unsightly and useless 'All...,Def...,Val...').  Again, being able to override this standard behaviour to set the Axis label to merely 'Widgets' will greatly enhance usability and user experience when there are multiple Measures assigned to an Axes.

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