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Select Month in Vizlib Calender instead of Day

Hi team,

I was wonering if it is possible to select month in vizlib calender instead of date?

I can see in vizlib calender, it is possible to see the month overview but when I select the month, it opens the the day overview. Is it possible to have this overview as filter so user can change the month?





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  • We added the option to set a Month range with the Vizlib Calendar (find out more here), but picking a single month is currently not possible. We are looking into this and hope to be able to update this extension in order to make it possible. We will be updating this thread when we have more on this topic. Thanks for your feedback Metti! 

  • Hi Metti

    This was implemented in v1.7.0 of Vizlib Calendar, see the changelog for more information on how this works

  • Can we select months in range selection instead of day?

    I checked this but it seems only for single selection we can have complete month selection. When we switch to Range, Calendar Appearance option disappears.

  • Sorry it seems I missed it, Vizlibcalendar does have a Calendar appearance option available in Range selection also.


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