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Filter "Conditional Show Values" property works incorrect with big amount of data

Filter 2.3.2 "Conditional Show Values" works incorrect - values are not shown if there are too much rows of data.

  1. Generate two Autocalendars "Date From" and "Date To" with same values from 01/01/1971 to 01/01/2034;
  2. create two filter objects "Date From" and "Date To";
  3. In "Date To" insert an expression "=(GetSelectedCount([Date From]) > 0 and [Date To] >= Max([Date From])) or (GetSelectedCount([Date From]) = 0)" to the 'Show Values Condition';
  4. In "Date From" filter select 01/02/1971 - "Date To" condition works fine;
  5. In "Date From" filter select 16/12/2019 - "Date To" filter is empty - it is incorrect.

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  • Hi Roman,

    How many rows are you using here?

     I would strongly encourage you to test this using filter version 3.0.0 and see if this resolves your issue. There are a significant amount of changes here, with how we manage loading of data as well as a performance boost

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