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Additional features on Vizlib Combo Chart



In Vizlib Combo chart, I choose for measure the "Symbol" representation.

There, I can find different options (Circle, Cross, Square, Diamond, Star, Triangle, Wye) but I cannot find line.

Could you please add it? Line exists in native combo chart.



Line would be more useful to me when I would like to see for example if my actual revenues or costs exceed the budgets or targets for the year. I was thinking of using my actual revenues as my first measure and my target revenues as second measure, choosing Line symbol for its representation.

Additionally, being able to select different colours for both measures via expressions would be something that would make the Vizlib Combo chart much better than the native chart. In the above scenario, this would mean that I would set the colour of the actual value to be green or red based on how it compares with its target and I would set the target measure as black/grey.


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